Airbnb Laundry Service in Phoenix, AZ

Cleaning of comforters, blankets, sheets, pillowcases, and linens is often one of the most overlooked tasks in maintaining an orderly Airbnb business. Fortunately, Bolt Laundry expertise isn’t limited to the clothing that you wear.

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Sheets, Blankets & Comforters Cleaning

Two Steps to Get Started:

For your first pickup:

  1. Click here or call to schedule a pickup.
  2. Bag your laundry, dry cleaning, and bedding and linen:

Use trash bags or pillow cases for your first pickup…

      • Wash & Fold laundry
      • Dry Cleaning/bedding & linen
(Bag separately from Wash & Fold)



Gone Today, Back Tomorrow!

Your trips to the store-front laundromat may help you get out more, but they don’t get your bedding and linen back faster than we can. Next-day turn-around is our standard – click or call by 8 am for a same day pickup and next day delivery (business days, Monday – Friday).**

Even though your cleaning staff may launder your towels and linens on site, they are likely to be waiting around for the laundry to finish, all while running up the cost of equipment, maintenance and utilities.

When you use our Airbnb laundry service in Phoenix, AZ, we will laundered all your Airbnb sheets, towels, blankets, comforters, towels, rugs, bath mats, robes, and cleaning towels.

** On an infrequent basis an order may require an extra day to process (e.g., for stains, some household items such as comforters, etc.); please allow extra time for these items. Service days vary by pickup location. 


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